PR and social media in 2013

There’s no doubt that Corporate PR has changed dramatically recently – particularly in the last three years. Organisations can now communicate to their target market like never before – not only via traditional print media, tv, radio and events but through the myriad digital channels available – twitter, facebook, YouTube, google+, pinterest and more. Your company, your products and your service, as well as your audience reaction and feedback, can now be monitored and evaluated by everyone – your competitors, your employees, your boardroom, your dad and your kids.

This is good. If you’re offering an excellent service then you have nothing to hide. No longer can organisations blast out their sales message on a megaphone and hide behind the outmoded pronouncements of old. The digital genie is out of the bottle – the keyword is transparency and whatever your business, if you’re not already communicating and engaging with your target audiences on social media, then chances are someone else will be.

It seems that many businesses have been slow to react to an amazing array of new sales and community engagement platforms. Meanwhile, I’ve personally lost count of the number of people in all sorts of different business from law to tourism, who’ve told me they’ve either acquired new clients, new suppliers, new staff or got some great business advice through social media.

We in the CIPR North East were lucky enough to attend a presentation by renowned PR expert Stephen Waddington (@wadds) on google+ recently. Here are his views on PR and digital opportunities: “The public relations professional has the most potent (digital media) proposition for organisations. We work in an editorial environment, listening and creating a narrative to enable organisations to build their reputation by earning attention, rather than buying it.”

Creating a narrative and ‘earning’ attention are key here and it’s what good public relations consultancies have done for years in order to build a high profile for their clients and successfully manage their reputations.

So if you haven’t already got a corporate digital media presence but you’re considering it, and need a little guidance, then don’t delay! Check out the best PR companies in your area that offer digital and social media services, make sure their consultants are either CIPR or PRCA members and enter a brave new world of opportunity!