Increase your visitors with effective tourism PR

If you’re in the leisure and tourism business, whether you have a hotel, holiday cottages, or an amazing attraction with 500,000 visitors a year, you can rely on Kate Slater PR to bring you lots of guests from all over the UK and beyond!

We’re now delighted to have been appointed by Northumberland Tourism to run their autumn Food and Drink Campaign – Taste of Northumberland – and within one week have generated a large feature and have also secured a press visit from a national Sunday paper.

Using a combination of 1000s of up to date, national travel press contacts, creative, engaging use of words and pictures, a journalist’s nose for a story and excellent pitches to the right media for you, we ensure your business gets into the right publications and is seen by your target audience, driving bookings and sales.

One of our tourism campaigns: “Everybody needs a little time away” for beautiful Doxford Cottages in Northumberland, generated over £52,000 worth of PR coverage and brought in £300,000 of bookings from a media-only PR campaign with a budget of under £10,000!


Since 2010, we have run an integrated marketing campaign for The Ducket, a Northumbrian stone tower. We:

  • Run all digital marketing for The Ducket including Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Write and issue a quarterly newsletter issued to a full national database
  • Manage all advertising, written copy and design with local designers for all ads
  • Have secured positive media coverage in over 60 national/regional media features (all with images)

As a result since 2010, The Ducket:

  • Is 99.5% booked with 700% return on investment (ave £800pw/£42,000pa – PR £6000pa)
  • Won ‘Britain’s Most Unique Holiday Retreat’ (2012)

We’ve also worked successfully with tourism ventures and visitor attractions from Dundee in Scotland to Tiverton in Devon – generating fantastic, positive press items in the Sunday Times and Daily Express to the Glasgow Herald and Birmingham Echo – all of which help to drive bookings and visitors.

If you’d like to know any more about our leisure and tourism campaigns, please call Kate Slater on 07889 203426 or email