Another happy customer… or two!


It’s always a privilege to work with immensely talented people and I’ve been generating positive PR – and sales – for some really interesting clients recently.

Two fab ladies spring to mind.

One is the amazing Janet Stansfield who runs the boutique Rosebery Hotel in Newcastle and who has an incredible eye for interior design and for creating beautiful rooms out of products found in salvage yards, antique fairs and second hand shops. Janet recently appeared in the BBC primetime TV makeover show “Your Home in their Hands”. We’ve worked together on a couple of highly effective press releases over a few weeks and Janet’s new design career is now firmly established (to date, although I am sure there will be more to come!) with:

  • A design feature in the December 2014 issue of Hotel Business magazine
  • Interview on BBC Radio Newcastle August 2014
  • A full page feature in the Journal Homemaker August 2014 (exact target market!)
  • A regular advice slot in My
  • Another interview on BBC Radio Newcastle September 2014
  • Double page interior design advice column Journal Homemaker October 2014
  • A further advice column commissioned for November 2014

Here’s what Janet says about me – which is lovely – thank you Janet!

“I have recently starting working with Kate on my Hotel business, the Rosebery Hotel. In a very short time she has generated significant PR for the hotel and for myself as an amateur interior designer. I would 100% recommend her for any of your PR needs, as she is very professional, direct and unlike most ‘loveees’ in PR, does qualify whether she can achieve your goals.

Her experience from working with the BBC for many years, gives her the edge over other PR agencies I have dealt with in the North East. I will continue to work with Kate on my forth coming new business and the hotel and have every faith she will be successful in creating PR locally and nationally.”

Janet Stansfield, Owner, Rosebery Hotel. To contact Janet go to


The second lady who I’ve been lucky enough to work with is the glamorous human dynamo Claire Hanson!

Northumberland based Claire is a nationally renowned fitness and dance coach and she’s on a mission to get the North East leaner, fitter and sexier. She has launched the region’s first ever Project Fit Expo and approached me to see if I could generate some publicity for the event through my special one-off press release offer. Well, we certainly did that! With one press release we managed to achieve coverage in (so far) the Evening Chronicle, Northumberland Gazette, BBC Radio Newcastle interview, Accent magazine and Bdaily. Result!

Five different media from one release – not bad when the price Claire paid was probably the price of a 10cm square advert in the regional press! I also threw in some additional support with social media (because I thought it would also be highly effective in generating bookings and because always go the extra mile for clients) To find out more about Project Fit Expo go to