Offline v online marketing in 2015

We’re big fans of online marketing at KSPR but we also believe fully integrated online and offline campaigns are the key to success in 2015. Using both creates a more trusted market presence than simply sticking to one, or the other.

The gap between offline and online is narrowing. We watch TV and listen to the radio both online and offline. If enjoying broadcast media traditionally, the credits invite us to comment on Twitter or Facebook using hashtags. Vehicle and outdoor signage points audiences to interact on social media or to websites. Live stunts and events are filmed in an instant and posted on blogs, YouTube and social media.

All this is great news for the marketer as it offers a huge array of different channels to communicate the benefits of your product or service. All appropriate channels should be used to establish a seamless market presence that engages the largest number of people in your target audience and builds an even more pervasive and credible brand.

We’ve recently worked on a highly successful national six month, traditional media PR campaign for a tourism client. It generated a phenomenal amount of national coverage and a 68:1 return on investment in terms of the value of the media coverage attained. However at the same time, the client also ran a hugely influential social media campaign, plus a print advertising campaign and we all relied heavily on the same fabulous photography.

We communicated the same campaign messages through different online and offline vehicles and hey presto, the results have been phenomenal. It’s too early for statistics this year, but all the signs are that visitor numbers have sky rocketed.

We love traditional broadcast media at KSPR – both radio and TV – and with former broadcast journalists on the team, we have a great track record of getting clients behind a microphone and a camera. It’s not for everyone of course, and we only put certain people forward whom we know will enjoy the experience and shine (and we train them if necessary) – but what a boost it gives to their business! A broadcast interview can potentially build trust and respect and position you as an expert in your field far more so than a blog post or 1000 followers on Twitter if you do it well.

A broadcast interview is not the only marketing tool that can be used to build trust and develop relationships. It’s a sad fact that the internet cannot always be renowned for its credibility and trustworthiness, but people-facing marketing events, one to one networking, print, and editorial coverage can also be used very effectively to underline that you are a real and credible business.

So in this age of ecommerce, blogs, social media and e-marketing, don’t underestimate the power of traditional journalistic endorsement and use it to back up your online activity. Research by Deloitte (The Media Consumer) in 2014 discovered that in the UK we watch about four hours of TV a day. Two thirds of respondents tuned in to the radio at least once a week. Half those surveyed still bought print newspapers and a further ten per cent read somebody else’s copy. Traditional media is still an enormous influencer.

Effective PR and Marketing in 2015 means deciding on the appropriate mix of available online and offline platforms to communicate your aligned messages and build your brand.

Despite the amazing choice of online marketing tools available for our clients – mobile apps; web chat; social media; blogging and more – it is vital that a truly effective marketing campaign contains a balanced mix of multiple mediums.

So decide on your target market, research your offline and online mix of platforms, agree on your messages and then target the right people with the right message in the right way. Easy!

If you don’t fancy doing this and you’d like the experts to do it for you, then call Kate on 07889 203426 or on 0191 246 1016 or email