Newcastle interiors property expert gets 12 months of regular PR pages

It’s not just your news that we can get into the print and broadcast press, KSPR can ensure you’re seen by your target audience through regular expert opinion columns read by your target audience.

Talented interior designer and Newcastle hotelier Janet Stansfield has featured with nearly a full page or more every month for 12 months  in the Journal Homemaker – the “go-to” property paper for the whole of Northumberland and the North East. Her exact target audience!

Her column is very very popular, and as a result, so is her fabulous hotel and also her interior design service!  You can see her beautiful Rosebery Hotel, Jesmond here 

Look out for Janet’s next item which will be in the Journal Homemaker on Saturday 1 August!

Here’s some recent property interiors tips from Janet from one of our  12 items and you’ll see the newspaper cutting from this item too:

“Here at the Rosebery Hotel we are very keen on adding architectural details and enhancing the overall look of a hotel bedroom by making a statement. You can easily do this in your own home.

One such statement that we make in nearly every guest bedroom in the hotel is the installation of a period feature, such as our vintage Edwardian fireplaces. Bedrooms are ideal locations for adding a fireplace as a feature.  Even if you don’t have a chimney breast it adds a characterful focal point to the room, even in a contemporary setting.  The juxtaposition of a vintage fireplace in a stylish, understated room can really work well…..”

2-page interiors advice in Journal Homemaker (1 of 12 so far)

2-page interiors advice in Journal Homemaker (1 of 12 so far)