PR fun that gets results

To many people, PR simply means getting positive recognition in the media, via a press release, or an opinion piece.

If this item is conveying your key messages, is reaching your target audience and is generating results– then that’s great news!

But along with the necessary stakeholder engagement, reputation management, crisis management, digital campaigns and more that accompany good PR, what about those great PR stunts that always bring a smile to people’s faces?  The ones that are such fun and so unusual that they find their way into the press without anyone writing anything at all?  As well as engaging massively with your audience?

We love creative ideas and events at KSPR and so we’ve put together our three favourite PR stunts from the last few weeks.  Read on and be inspired!



Dog welfare charity Dogs Trust has created the first ever ‘dog emoji keyboard’, representing 23 of the most popular breeds. Each character represented a real dog living at the Dogs Trust, who was looking for their forever home. Very cute and clever.


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Nakd, a wholefood snack food brand set up shop outside London’s Westfield shopping centre in September with an edible 5m x 2m billboard made up of their fruit and nut bars.

The aim of the campaign was to showcase the Nakd products available while positioning them as quick, healthy, and convenient snacks.

Across the billboard, snack bars formed the words “Find Your Fave”. The words also made up the official campaign hashtag.

Video footage was also shared across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach audiences on social media.


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In order to announce that the world’s largest multi-brand theme park “Dinosaur Adventure Zone” was nearing completion, IMG Worlds of Adventure sent the residents of Dubai on a weekend-long hunt for an escaped dinosaur in this inspiring PR Stunt.

It began with an early morning social media post urging residents of Dubai to keep their eyes peeled and share reports of sightings with the hashtag #SpotTheDino and continued all through the weekend. The creature was finally captured and a Dubai Police escort made its way along the busiest road in Dubai.  The stunt was shared and promoted by Dubai Tourism and even translated into Russian. Corny but effective!