PR isn’t all about publicity!

When you first set up your company and wrote your business strategy, PR probably didn’t figure in it except for the initial publicity benefits it might bring?

But you are likely to have committed to a vision, mission, values and goals for your brand (and from that will have emerged your ‘brand promise’ – or your brand principles – what you commit to give to your customers?

A vital element of great PR and ongoing business success is constantly delivering on your brand promise.

Your brand promise should be totally embedded in the way you run and present your service – from your business values, your customer promise, business personality, the look of your premises and in the way you and your team engage with customers, suppliers and even answer the phone.

Your staff must also totally understand the importance of these principles and agree with them. After all, they are often the ones delivering what you are promising!

For instance the John Lewis Partnership’s principles, as set out by the retailer’s founder John Spedan Lewis 80 years ago – to build a strong, happy business – are as relevant today as they were then and are implanted throughout the firm’s stores and their staff approach. The John Lewis proposition is also based around trust. “Never knowingly undersold” enforces its commitment to value without compromising on quality and service.

Another top 20 UK consumer brand, Kelloggs puts it in a nutshell (or should that be a cornflake): “Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.”

So – although here at KSPR we are very very good at getting positive press stories in the media, we also work with business to take their PR beyond mere media exposure. Great PR is about the consistently excellent behaviour of the brand at all levels and at all times, as well as making sure the target market knows this!

And yes it’s also about word of mouth – but that doesn’t only mean via official publicity and the press.

If your brand behaves in line with its promise, you should attract business and sales. If you act against your brand promise, you will feel the pinch, both to your reputation and your bottom line (ouch).

We work with businesses on ongoing business reputation management and can advise and deliver on how to constantly act on your brand promise, through effective social media, internal relations, newsletters, copy writing, design management, event management and crisis management as well as press releases. Give us a call on 07889 203426 or 0191 246 1016 today for a no-obligation discussion.