PR Happy Christmas 2015!

O my goodness we’ve nearly reached the end of 2015 already, the doors of the advent calendar are nearly all ajar, we’ve already had too much chocolate and Christmas is nigh! How did that happen?

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous year and will be able to take some time to sit back and relax (maybe with a small glass?) over Christmas and reflect on everything you’ve achieved in 2015?

We’re often so keen to climb the next mountain that we forget to pause and gaze at the path we’ve climbed! I know this I’m one of the worst offenders – always eager for the next challenge!

But I’ve been working in London recently and whilst the train was taking the strain to and from Kings Cross, I took the time to think about what Kate Slater PR and Marketing had achieved for clients over the past year.  At the risk of blowing our festive trumpet…. thought I would share just a few highlights …

100% Success rate for press releases

Firstly…. every single one of our press releases sent to the media during 2015 has been featured!  Many of them in several different publications. This is around 40 releases in total. A 100% success rate!  Rare in PR indeed and possibly down to a combination of ingredients:  a nose for sniffing out a good story, researching the most appropriate media, timing, writing in the best style for the job, pitching to the right person in the most appealing way and a final dollop of tenacity. Possibly some good luck along the way too.

Tourism media coverage

Ducket Love it coverage 3 April   Great British Food magazine May 2015, Matfen Hall Competition

2015 started with an ongoing “Taste of Northumberland” national press and media campaign for Northumberland Tourism which was to last until February.  This ended up securing over £400,000 worth of media coverage in publications such as the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Express as well as Discover Britain and Bus & Coach Professional.

A further campaign entitled “Wild Northumberland” was commissioned between February and August 2015 and this was again highly successful (£400,290) with great, positive coverage in Metro UK, Country Homes & Interiors, Daily Star and more.  As a result of these and other campaigns, along with vastly improved visitor numbers, Northumberland was then shortlisted for “Best UK Holiday Destination” in the UK Travel Awards and received a Silver Award! For more information go to

An ongoing marketing campaign for a group of coastal holiday cottages in Northumberland saw bookings leap by 30% from the previous year through a mix of engaging social media, quarterly newsletters, customer relations, carefully targeted advertising (copy and design through KSPR) and editorial in Horse & Countryside Magazine, Garden Answers, Love it! Magazine and Russian UK – all contributing to lots more bookings! You can see for yourself how peaceful and lovely these properties are at Outchester and Ross Cottages

5-day Marketing and PR training campaign 

A five-day “Marketing and PR workshop” campaign which we devised and ran for Gateshead Citizens Advice “Job Law” service provided them with

  • Enhanced website
  • New Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sites,
  • Promotional literature
  • Positive PR coverage in the Law Gazette, Gateshead Council News (their target market!) and a television news feature in Made in Tyne & Wear
  • A guide book and timetable on how to run their own Marketing and PR effectively throughout the year

We were delighted to work with Blumilk Creative Digital in Newcastle on stakeholder relations, marketing and PR. We also wrote the editorial content for the first edition of their magazine “Blutone” and achieved good positive press coverage for the company in the regional business press.

Property and hospitality –  interiors and exteriors

St Nicholas, Journal 23 July 2015    Cowells 1 reduced

2-page interiors advice in Journal Homemaker (1 of 12 so far)

The fabulous Rosebery Hotel in Jesmond has featured 12 times – usually over 2 pages – in the Journal Homemaker newspaper during 2015 with talented owner Janet Stansfield and myself pulling together an interiors design column every month. In addition, the Rosebery has appeared in Radio Times and is about to be reviewed in the Guardian. To take a peak inside the Rosebery Hotel (well worth seeing!) click here

Cowells Garden Centre was featured on BBC TV Look North as a result of a fascinating story written and pitched by us. According to Manager Martin Cowell, this boosted their business massively over the remainder of 2015. More information about the amazing Cowells Garden Centre here

A short term campaign for Team Force Restoration ensured that this heritage restoration company was featured in its ideal target market. A striking half page item appeared in the Northern Echo as well as Natural Stone Specialist and the Newcastle Journal. To see Team Force Restoration’s amazing track record of work go here

Health PR

Short campaigns for the Big Optician, Newcastle resulted in an eye catching full page item in the Health pages of the Journal, a BBC Newcastle interview and further items in regional press. Need your eyes tested? These are the experts to do it at The Big Optician!

Glaucoma story 9 June 2015, Journal   Jon Connor story, Shields Gazette 19 Sept

There are lots more success stories this year but too many to mention them all here!

I am lucky to have a great team around me including fantastic photographers, talented designers, freelance writers and creative people.  The North East press as well as national, specialist press that I work with are also extremely helpful. If you belong to these groups, your support and assistance is very much appreciated!

All that remains for me now is to sincerely wish all who happen to read this – an extremely joyful, and Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Peaceful New Year!

Let’s hope 2016 brings much Love, Luck and Laughter to us all!