On PR results for clients and the importance of adapting…

Here we are on 22 January and already this year we’ve been inundated with new PR, publicity and marketing work – and also with great results for the work we’ve already carried out!

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From a controversial needle exchange dispenser story in a rural town – which required a degree of crisis management but finally managed to generate seven positive regional items and three positive national items (with more to come)  – to numerous more items on music festivals, romantic retreats for Valentines Day, classical concerts, UK summer breaks, office interior design and heritage days out – the coverage has come in thick and fast during January  – offline, online and broadcast – and we’re delighted!

Even though, as a former journalist, my core talent has always been media management and positive offline and online coverage, I’m learning new stuff and new techniques all the time – however painful that can be sometimes!  I’m off on a short film producing course soon and learning how to edit films on iphone, as well as running several different social media accounts and delivering presentations on effective PR and marketing. The key is probably to adapt to fit the times constantly! Both for your business and mine.  PR, publicity and marketing game has changed beyond recognition from what is was when I set out in 2007 but it’s never ceased to be an exhilarating, stimulating and thrilling area to work in and I feel privileged to still be a major player – and major achiever – on the North East (and now often national) scene. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more. Kate x