No ordinary namedropper! Fabulous new book out in time for Christmas!

A captivating glimpse behind the glittering façade of rock, pop and film legends will be published by Tyne Bridge Publishing on Saturday 24th November. Copies will be available from City Library, Newcastle, Waterstones and online at  – you can also find the book directly via

ozzy largeon tina turners knee (reduced)     miles david and chris phipps

Written from an insider’s extraordinary working encounters and packed with never-seen-before pictures, this compelling and entertaining compendium of astonishing (and often hilarious) anecdotes,  is a must-read (and a great stocking filler) for anyone who appreciates the sounds and sights of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Fascinating encounters and working relationships with over fifty global super-stars  – from Madonna to Miles Davis, David Bowie, Little Richard, Ozzy Osbourne, Bryan Ferry, Malcolm Maclaren, Sting, Elton John, Jane Fonda and many more, are described with wry humour.

It’s perfect for a Christmas read, as it’s an easy “pick-up, put-down” book with each celebrity encounter given its own couple of pages.

Amongst many, there are first-hand tales of the great Miles Davis being ordered to stop playing his trumpet (“that thing”)  in a Newcastle pub; Chris paying Madonna’s train fare (standard class) with cash in brown envelope; Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing on top of a giant hot dog in Hollywood, and a meeting with Grace Jones wearing a Micky Mouse hat in Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

A typical anecdote relates to ferocious, heavy metal band Twisted Sister, whose front man Dee Snider “looked like the progeny of Widow Twanky and Frank N. Furter”  when one member of the band, known as Mark “the Animal” Mendoza asked for a copy of the Sunday Times, to do the crossword.

“Namedropper – an unorthodox biography”  is jam-packed with similar observations and anecdotes on the rich and famous of the day and is written with huge warmth and wit by broadcaster, film maker and former producer of Channel 4’s The Tube,  Chris Phipps.

With a foreword by the great TV writer Ian LaFrenais (“…if Chris Phipps is dropping names, these are names really worth dropping”) this book is an entertaining romp through fifty years of celebrity encounters. It will transport you behind the cameras and microphones of radio and television to witness the real personalities, the hilarious bloopers, mistakes and accidental (as well as intended) showbiz triumphs behind the scenes!

The author’s unrivalled knowledge of music and film unassumingly permeates its pages – so, as well as being entertained, you end up unwittingly a lot more clued-up about the music of this era than you were previously.

On writing this fun, entertaining  – and unorthodox – biography, Chris says:  “I’ve worked with an extraordinary roll call of famous names,  but I also wanted to  give the reader a glimpse behind the camera and microphone  — the buzz, the chaos and the fragility of fame. Importantly it’s also a homage to my local broadcasting roots — you  only get to film Tina Turner in front of thousands  when you’ve  recorded a stand-up  Black  Country comedian in Tipton!”