Six simple tips for effective PR in 2018

What’s your story? Six simple tips for effective PR

  1. Audience identification

Ask yourself who they are?  Where do they live online and offline? Go to them, don’t expect them to come to you.

  1. Key messages

The basis of any PR activity – from press releases to social media posts or a full digital campaign –  is that it should clearly communicate your brand’s key messages. Make sure these are conveyed consistently.

  1. Get to know your target media

If you’re looking for media coverage, become familiar with the work of the journalist – as well as the content of your target media and draft a news story to fit.

  1. Align your PR stories and social media

Many organisations have fragmented PR and social media and so send mixed messages. Stories and social media initiatives are most effective when they work together.

  1. Always use images to accompany your PR

People process images 60,000 times more quickly than a block of words, so enlist the help of a good photographer or graphic designer.

  1. Small budget?

Avoid large corporate PR firms who charge costly retainer fees. Either do your own PR using professional tips like these, or look for an experienced, well-respected freelancer or start-up PR firm who adheres to the above principles, is reasonably priced, and is working just as hard as you to be recognised.

And finally…

Every single one of Kate Slater PR press release over the last 3 years (around 150) has been featured by the media. This is unusual as most press releases are never actually used by the external press.   One of my releases recently was featured in 8 different regional publications! It was either a slow news week or it’s the way I tell ‘em! Or maybe both. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.