Successful PR and communication for all – virtual training now available

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So, 2020 started out relatively normally for most of us but then it turned itself upside down in March with COVID-19 and now four months later in July, it’s still very weird.

Many people have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost money, been furloughed, been separated from their families, and suffered tremendous hardship. Although some businesses and venues have re-opened now,  life is still very far from normal and will be for many months to come.  If things ever get back to “normal”.

Fortunately, I have been kept reasonably busy at Kate Slater PR and Marketing with clients’ ongoing social media, and with blogs, press releases and newsletters to let clients’ target audiences know what’s happening.

I have also been delivering tailor-made virtual PR training to organisations via Zoom: 1) The basics: How to plan an effective PR campaign; 2) How to run a successful PR campaign; 3) How to write press releases that will be featured; and 4) What constitutes a great PR story. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Even before COVID, I always advised my clients to be totally clear and transparent about their intentions, to be honest with their staff, produce genuinely great products or services and respect all their customers and suppliers – which I could then communicate to their target audience in the best way.  And despite all the difficulties everyone has faced over the last few months, this is even more important now.

It seems like a very simple concept, but it is staggering how many companies and their staff disregard these basics.  Recently was waiting patiently in a till queue in a North Yorkshire out of town shopping centre while two shop assistants talked loudly across their booths to each other about how “annoying” they found certain customers – while they were serving shoppers! Neither stopped between each customer nor greeted them, they just continued with their rant.  Unbelievable! I won’t be back. On a far less damaging scale, I’ve had to explain to some of my clients who had temporarily closed, how important it was to regularly update their potential clients on what their forward planning might be. Even if they weren’t 100% sure, it reaps rewards to keep in touch and respect customers with news. Not every day or even every week –  but certainly once a month. Otherwise people forget you, go elsewhere and sales are lost.

Never before have we needed excellent communication skills quite so much  – in all aspects of life – from the new challenges of home schooling, to personal relationships where we find ourselves behind closed doors 24/7, and to management issues at work with staff and home working.

Of course, the government has not always shown the best examples of communication either.  Promising lots and often failing to deliver.

So, have we learnt anything useful at all from this pandemic so far that we can take into business  – apart from stringent hygiene and social distancing?

Could it simply be continuing to do what we do well to the best of our ability – but then make sure we communicate this to our internal and external target audiences:

  1. Clearly – keep it simple
  2. Credibly – ensure what we are saying is trustworthy and reliable
  3. Consistently – keep the communication regular and dependable.

Stick to these simple rules and your business will be on the right tracks.

If you would like to know more about my virtual PR training, please call me on 07889 203426 or email me here