Citizens Advice – Job Law

Job Law Gateshead (part of Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau Enterprises)

Gateshead Citizens Advice approached KSPR to plan and implement a short eight week campaign to successfully market and publicise their sensitive “Rights for Work” offer to several target audiences – both nationally and regionally.

This was a scheme whereby a Gateshead Citizens Advice employment law specialist could offer half price employment law advice to individuals who wouldn’t be able to afford commercial law fees (£180 per hour) after Legal Aid was stopped for employment law in 2013.

The client also wished regional employment lawyers to refer suitable candidates to them.

Gateshead Citizens Advice wished to be advised and coached on an ongoing marketing plan which they could easily implement themselves after the eight week campaign was over.

After research and discussion, we advocated a change of name to “Job Law”, set up and posted regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in sites, drafted an effective national press release including successful case studies, organised photography and drafted a carefully worded email to regional employment lawyers requesting referrals.

The release was picked up in several nationals and a number of regional papers, including the Journal, and the Gateshead team were interviewed for TV. With a month of completing the campaign, Job Law now has ongoing and thriving social media and several lawyers have made contact to find out more about the scheme.

This is what the client says:
“It has been enormously useful working with KSPR. Not only have I learnt a lot about the media in general and have some new stills to take away but Kate has left us with an easy to follow marketing plan which has proved extremely useful and we have been able to share this across our various media platforms.  The media work carried out by Kate on our behalf generated great interest in our Job Law project – our story was picked up nationally and we received a number of referrals from outside the north east as a result.  Our local work also increased following coverage on a local TV station and local newspapers.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kate again or to recommend her services to other small businesses.

Vikkie Wilkinson, Business Development Manager, Gateshead CAB Enterprises/Gateshead CAB”